To use lettered beans to make words. The individual or team that uses the most beans to make their words wins!

Our Unique Twisting Alphabet

Only the TWISTIES, special YELLOW letters indicated below, are twistable and may double or triple as other letters, most letters are lower case, some are upper case. Example: d = p when twisted. Example: po = od when twisted. WHITE letters may NOT be twisted.


The Brew

Form teams. One or two players can be a team. 4 teams max. Each team takes 2 blank beans from bag. Blanks can be used to represent ANY letter. Toss any extra blanks back in the bag.

One team dumps sack of beans onto a flat surface. Some beans will remain face down. All teams race to shout out then grab any word they can make by looking only at letters on face up beans. Teams may also think of a word, shout it out, then try to make it. No penalties for unsuccessful attempts. No single bean words, proper names or acronyms allowed. Slang is permitted. At any time, teams may take an opposing team’s word by changing it into a different word.

  • To help change and take words, teams may use either their blank beans or any face up beans they spot provided they shout out the change before taking the bean(s) from pile.

  • Teams may add letters to their own words but may NOT twist or rearrange their own words.

  • Teams must always place words made or taken, neatly in front of themselves.

  • Only 1 player per team may take an opposing team’s word at a time.

  • When changing an opposing team’s word teams must use ALL beans in the word. No incomplete words leftover.

The First Flip

Teams keep shouting out words they make and take until a team suggests flipping the face down beans. If a team says “flip” then all teams must agree in order to do so. Once agreed, each team then flips 2 face down beans at the same time while racing to shout out and grab any words seen.

The Final Flip

If only one bean remains in the final flip, any team may flip it over. The first team that makes OR takes any word after the final flip must shout “JABUKA!” No other words may be made or taken after this and games ends with teams adding up scores. Alternatively, if teams all agree that no words can be made or taken after the final flip then game ends and scores are added.


Teams count all the beans used in their words. The team that used the most beans wins! Ties broken with winners taking 10 random face down beans each. Team that makes longest words with their beans wins!