Our Twisted Rules


Only TWISTIES: special YELLOW letters indicated below, are twistable and may double or triple as other letters. Example: d = p when twisted.


All the 2 letters beans may also be twisted. Example: po = od when twisted. WHITE letters may NOT be twisted.



JABUKA is a word game with a rotating letter alphabet where players race to make and take words simultaneously!

Choose How to Play

1-on-1 OR in teams (MAX: 8 players per game)


Spill the beans! Some beans will land face down, some face up; leave as is. Make sure no beans are on top of each other.

Each player pulls 2 light colored, blank beans from the pile. Blanks can represent ANY letter. Toss all extra blank beans in the bag.

Making Words - The Brew

All players race to first shout out, then grab any word they can make, by looking only at letters on face up beans. Players make also think of a word, shout it out, then try to make it. You can shout out and make words at any time.

Taking Words - The Grind

At any time, players may first shout out a change to an opposing player’s word and then take it in any of three ways:


Additional Rules (Cont’d)

  • Place words made or taken from others neatly in front of you. No cover or hiding beans.

  • When changing an opposing player’s word, players must use ALL beans in the word. No partial words leftover.

  • To help change and take words, you may use either blank beans or any face up beans you spot provided you shout out the change before taking the bean(s) from the pile.

  • You may add letters to your own words but may NOT twist or rearrange your own letters

Flipping Beans Over

The first flip can happen any time after the beans are spilled.

Say “Flip” to turn over face down beans. All players must be in agreement for this to take place. Once agreed, each player then flips two face down beans at the same time (only 1 player per team).

Ending the game - The Final Flip

The first player that makes OR takes any word after the final flip must shout “JABUKA!” No other words may be made or taken after this and game ends with players counting their beans. If only one bean remains in the final flip, any player may flip it over. Alternatively, if players all agree that no words can be made or taken after the final flip then game ends and scores are added.

Bean Count - Winning the Game

Players count all the beans used in their words. The player that used the most beans wins! Ties broken with winners taking 10 random face down beans each. The player that makes the longest words with their beans wins! If still a tie, repeat and best of three wins!