A great game comes along about once a decade. Established game inventor, designer, and artist Martin Russocki, recognized an opportunity in the market to invent the next great game. Martin’s passion for creativity, love of words and desire to bring back face-to-face play helped him imagine a new game with no set up, uniquely shaped pieces and spontaneous, dynamic play that would require out-of-the-box thinking.

Tired of being confined by the rules and constraints of crosswords and grids, he envisioned a flexible, free-form game.  One with rebellious word stealing, no turn taking and a level of excitement not seen in other games. This game would not allow word experts to dominate - anyone could win and be rewarded for their creativity. He wanted this game to provide educational opportunities, be accessible to people of all ages and skill sets (especially those with short attention spans and multitaskers), and to appeal to thrill-seekers and those on the hunt for a total brain workout alike.

It might sound like a tall order, but one day at Starbucks all the pieces fell into place. Holding a coffee bean in his hand, Martin thought about the historical connection between games and coffee.  Back to the earliest coffee houses in Turkey, people would gather to play games and exchange ideas; “a coffee bean would make the perfect game piece,” he mused.

In a moment of inspiration, Martin sketched his initial “M” on a coffee bean.  He twisted it sideways then upside down and watched in amazement as the “M” magically morphed into an “E” and a “W”. Right then he realized the creative power of rediscovering something familiar in a different way. Not long after, his totally twisted alphabet, and the basis for the game Jabuka, was born!

Soon after inventing the concept, Martin teamed up with entrepreneur and friend Warren Kotler to create Jabuka Games.

 Jabuka provides an opportunity to strike a balance between digital distraction and physical connection. “We hope Jabuka is an important reminder of how creative rule breaking can lead to possibilities where you thought none existed!”

 Martin & Warren  (“M” turns into a “W” when twisted:)

Martin Russocki, Founder & Master Bean Creator, Jabuka Games Inc.

M = W = E

when twisted!

Martin Russocki, Founder & Master Bean Creator, Jabuka Games Inc.

Players make and take words using the unique, patented, twistable JABUKA alphabet.  JABUKA'S distinctive font encourages players to transform opponents’ words by twisting letters, magically morphing them into other letters. Flexible gameplay allows every player an equal opportunity to win. After playing, you will discover your strengths and perhaps even a new talent!

JABUKA targets many parts of the brain:

·   memory

·   problem solving

·   speed

·   attention

·   creativity

It’s a total brain workout that promotes neuroplasticity.

Jabuka is a fast-paced, portable game that can be played just about anywhere. In the age of digital distraction, JABUKA offers a hands-on, face-to-face experience. JABUKA has been tested with thousands of people of all ages, and we are proud to say that everyone who has played it now considers it their favorite new word game!