Q. How many beans are there? 

A. There are 108 beans.

Q. What are the beans made of?

A. The beans are 100% recycled wood and the bag is natural burlap.

Q. How long is a game typically?

A. Estimated 15 - 30 min depending on the number of people.

Q. How many people can play and what ages?

A. About 2 - 8 people (If more than 4, make teams) Ages are 8 and up.

Q. What does JABUKA mean?

A. The name JABUKA originates from an island in the Adriatic Sea with a magnetic stone that twists the compasses of ships as they go by similarly to how JABUKA letters can be twisted!

Q. How many twistable letters are there?

A. There are 8 single letters and 7 double letters that are twistable.

Q. Can you take apart someone's word to combine words?

A. No you cannot.

Q. Can the same word be repeated?

A. Yes but only with a different set of beans. For example, if "apple" was made and changed, it cannot be "apple" again. However, if you or your opponent have the beans to make another word “apple”, you are allowed to do so.